Arranging Classes

Design your own flower arrangements in a one-of-a-kind container. Learn by creating!


Think about your favorite teacher. What made them so memorable? What made the lessons so lasting, and so effective? Every great teacher has one thing in common; they are passionate about what they teach. There is nothing we love like flowers. Our passions are working with flowers, working with people, and bringing joy and celebration to people’s lives. Our energy, experience, and knowledge imbue every lesson and every arrangement we teach you to make. Our classes are fun, captivating, and educational—the perfect event for a girls’ night out!

Creative Containers

Build your bouquet in something truly special: the basket from a vintage Schwinn, an antique coffee pot, or maybe a classic soup tureen. We supply tasteful yet adventurous vessels selected for their aesthetic and avant-garde appeal.

Seasonal Flowers, Exotics, and Succulents

We work with seasonal varietals, but we can also import flowers from across the globe. Let us know if you are interested in working with exotics or succulents in addition to native and seasonal blooms.


You will learn more than just how to arrange the perfect palette of flowers. Our classes cover proper care, lighting, and the best planting medium. You will learn how to look at everyday items as potential vessels to inspire future arrangements. We will teach you the history and trivia about the flowers you’ll be using. Plus, you’ll learn every industry-inside tip and trick we know!

All arrangements, bouquets and plants are available in a variety of sizes and prices. 
Please contact us to order your arrangements in the price range to best suit your budget.

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